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Our company believes in self-empowerment. We believe people are capable of creating the life they dream of through the application of useful, timely and quality information. Betterment Media is a new multi media company that provides an Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) channel, workshops and seminars, broadcast radio programs, periodicals, eBooks and other consumer products that facilitate learning and that foster the discovery of information which adds to a person's quality of life.

A New Culture in Media is Emerging

An ever-growing number of people in our society is no longer satisfied with being told what to think or how to feel by the mass media. The current of this underlying culture is evolving and we are a part of that evolution. Betterment Media
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exists to support change within the culture of Media itself. We see the need to involve ourselves and the media in helping our world transition itself into a brighter, globally minded and community empowered future.

Why shouldn't our media be entertaining, engaging and fun as well as reflect the realness of our lives? Media is proven to be the most effective means of injecting and then normalizing ideas in our culture. Therefore, as an independent media company we are stepping forward to answer this tremendous call for responsible and entertaining media programming. Rather than give more air time to hyped-up, overblown, unrealistic pictures of how a person is to be accepted, to be cool, or to have someone else's version of the perfect life, we provide real people the real tools to live and experience an ideal, fulfilled life.

Our Role in Fostering Change

Betterment Media has positioned itself to be an industry leader in improving the media content delivered to the doorsteps of millions of Americans and people of the world. We acknowledge the role that media plays in shaping society and global attitudes. Our goal is to facilitate a positive transformation into the new norm of how media is delivered and what is expected from media itself. We know of the immediate need to introduce high quality, big idea and out-of-the -box thinking into the experience of everyday, household life. Our commitment is to the emerging audience of people who demand that exceptional content is readily accessible and easily available on many platforms.

Our Target Audience

The people who make up our audience prefer to think for themselves and like to build their lives around deep personal values that seem to be strained out or missing entirely from existing mainstream programming today. We are transforming the way people interact with media and here is how: we are giving people choices. Choices regarding what to watch, what their children will be influenced by, and what type of media they want to engage in.

A titanic shift in media is occurring due to the arrival of two specific technologies: IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) and VOD (Video on Demand). Both are significant in causing the balance of power to shift from network schedulers into the hands of viewers. Our audience and community of interest are people who are ready for change. And we are ready to answer the immediate call of those who demand more from media and who want more out of life.

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